Hematite Quartz Cluster

Hematite Quartz Cluster


Hematite Quartz is fascinating in its formation, with a vast array of inclusions within that lend its soft earthy hues - from rosé to champagne, ochre to beige, the colour variety within this crystal is as vast as it is beautiful. It holds a sparkling, another of it's visually gorgeous features to match its vibrationally incredible properties.


Hematite infused into the Quartz balances the mind and brings clarity to emotions. It can be used for grounding when feeling scattered. It's high energy removes negativity and transforms it into positive energy.

  • Hematoid Quartz (Fire Quartz)
    Positive Vibes • Healing • Grounding
    Zodiac: ​All
    Element: Fire + Earth 

  • Weight: 1.129kg
    Length: 12cm
    Width: 12cm
    Height: 9cm