• Gemstone Infused Wood Wick Candles

    Our Gemstone Infused Candles are the perfect spiritual gift. Each one is ritually handcrafted with our natural soy and coconut wax, then poured around an untreated wooden wick, which produces a delicate crackling sound as it burns. Each Candle is a unique creation, infused with a one of a kind gemstone on top, which will be intuitively selected for each customer by the creator.


    Inside the candles lid you will find a brief guide to the vibrational properties of the infused gemstone.


    Burn time up to 40hrs.

    • Our scents are available in five categories: Fruity, Light & Fresh, Bakery, Earthy & Botanical.


      For a detailed description of our fragrance oils, Check out our ‘Scent List’ page above for more information.

    Signature Scents