Gemstone Infused Wood Wick Candles
  • Gemstone Infused Wood Wick Candles

    Our Gemstone Infused Candles are the perfect spiritual gift. Each one is ritually handcrafted with our natural soy and coconut wax, then poured around an untreated wooden wick, which produces a delicate crackling sound as it burns. Each Candle is a unique creation, infused with a one of a kind gemstone on top, which will be intuitively selected for each customer by the creator.


    Inside the candles lid you will find a brief guide to the vibrational properties of the infused gemstone.


    Burn time up to 45hrs.

    • Beachwood & Vetiver - Close your eyes and breathe in the exotic salty sea air with its notes of dried coconut, eucalyptus, night blooming jasmine, carnation, and vetiver followed by sun dried driftwood and the tanginess of seaweed.


      Sweetgrass & Cedarwood - Sweetgrass with just a touch of cedar create this fresh and herbal blend. A very earthy, unisex fragrance that is herbal, woody, and fresh.


      Seascape - Journey into the enchanting combination of marine accords, sea moss, citrus fruits, and water mint with a hint of magical tropical flowers and a subtle base of vetiver and cedar wood. A beautiful and airy clean ocean scent.

      Wild Air - Clean, fresh air, a hint of tangy ocean breeze, crisp mint, heady eucalyptus trees, watery fern, and dune grass combined with the smooth notes of musk and cedar.


      Green Goddess - This soul cleansing, clean scent is brimming with positive vibes. Green foliage, coriander, pineapple, and jasmine on a bed of cedar, rosewood, black pepper, and oak moss with a hint of jasmine and bergamot. Step into your yoga pants and let's hit the mat. Feel the stress melt away and inhale the fresh scent of health and wellness.

      Cardamom Cedar Blossom - Retreat to a happy place with this combination of cardamom, rose, and cedarwood. Comfort and serenity in a bottle. 


      Summers Earth - This unexpected scent combines the best that the summer earth has to offer. Spicy pepper and powdery thyme mingle with oak moss, dark earth, ginseng on a base of cedar wood, vetiver, rich vanilla, and warm amber. Rich and earthy like a warm smile, a soft rain, and a gentle hug from Mother Nature herself.

      Patchouli & Saffron - Relive the 70's with this groovy blend. The exotic, sultry combination of patchouli and saffron with a touch of sweet lemon and red rose is evocative and earthy. If you love patchouli, you'll fall in love with this. Not as heavy as straight up patchouli, it's made lighter with the addition of the saffron and made sweeter with the lemon and rose.


      Australian Sandalwood - A rich, woody blend with a true to life aroma.

      Australian Natives - Go for a walk through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance with notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus.


      Zen - dried oranges, apples, roses, musky dried grapevines, sprigs of Rosemary, and bits of clove. Feel your stress melt away as you immerse yourself in a Zen like state of mind.

      Sea Kelp - A spa-type scent that is fresh, clean, and full of salty ozone. Notes of watery greens are surrounded by white musk and vetiver.

      Arctica - Awaken your senses with this brisk and refreshing fragrance. Cool spring water bubbles with eucalyptus and tangy orange zest. Notes of woody cashmeran, delicate jasmine, fragrant geranium and spicy neroli are mixed with hints of sea spray and followed by an earthy dry down of rich sandalwood, vetiver, dark amber, and oakmoss.

      Wilderness - Clean, nature inspired scent! Jumping into the crisp, cool water, exploring through the woods on a flower picking journey. Take in the acres of green grass alongside the placid lake, ivy covered trees, the wild roses blooming in small patches of sun, and underneath it all, a gentle blanket of musk and amber.


      Sage & Oakmoss - A sensational blend of oakmoss and sage. A very sensual unisex fragrance that is clean and fresh with wonderful woodsy tones.