Aromatherapy Melts - Signature Blends

Aromatherapy Melts - Signature Blends

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Our essential oil melts are an alternative way to scent your space naturally.  Each melt are infused with our signature blends of essential oils.



Burn time 18hrs.

  • We only use the purest of essential oils that are free from chemicals and synthetics. They are hand blended right here in Sydney to create our own exclusive collection to ensure that we produce only the most natural of scents. Our essential oil melts are made with soy wax which is nontoxic to burn, ethically produced from a renewable source.


    All of our products are vegan friendly.

  • Wax melts are placed in a wax warmer which gradually melts the wax and fills your space with your choosen frangrance. Once you can no longer smell the frangrace, you can wipe out the warm wax with a tissue and replace with a new cube.