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Aromatherapy Bullet Diffusers 10ml

Aromatherapy Bullet Diffusers 10ml

PriceFrom $10.00

Our aromatherapy bullet diffusers are an alternative way to add natural fragrance to a small space like your car, wardrobe, bathroom or even your desk at work. Each diffuser blend has its own aromatherapy benefits and are exclusive to Wax Movement.


Simple to use and great for the environment, the bullets are refillable and reusable.


Lasts up to 3 months.

  • Twist and remove wooden bullet lid. Carefully remove the clear plastic stopper. Replace and tighten wooden lid lighty.

    Turn bullet upside down, so it soaks the wood about a quarter of the way. Usually takes 1-2 seconds. The wood will change into a darker colour. Do not over saturate wood with oil.

    Replace clear stopper.

    Hang in car or home.

    Please note that it is important to replace plastic stopper, as the contents will expand when exposed to direct sunlight if not replaced.

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